Peter Pan is one of the most inspiring characters in children’s novels and gives kids an idea of what standing together against an enemy would look like. Though most wouldn’t realize this Disney interpretation was one of many over the last century I would like to give a better idea about the treacherous and dangerous nature of unsuspecting boys who fall into the most devious trap, they could ever imagine. At the beginning of the 20 century, we see a story appears of a boy that lived on an island by himself. Until he decided to bring other boys for him to play with, undenounced to them he wasn’t a mythical creature of laughter and joy but a villain with immortality masked in the form of a young boy.
“Careful He may look like a boy, but he’s a bloody demon.”
One of the more popular versions right now would be the movie that just came out, and the show Once Upon a time(OUAT) version of this unlikely winner. In OUAT we see Peter Pan, then a mature adult called Malcolm comes to Neverland from the Enchanted Forest with his son, Rumplestiltskin. In Lu of being hated for his cheating and untrustworthy ways, which has been explained to him by many including his son. Having spent time in Neverland in dreams in his while in boyhood, he is terrified to learn flying is no longer feasible for him because he is not a boy any longer. After being told by the island’s only occupant, a Shadow, that grown-ups don’t belong in Neverland, he becomes so desperate to regain youth that he is willing to abandon Rumplestiltskin.  By doing this he is moving on from the previous life were he stood misreable but instead of using he utilized a magical bean and traveled to a world born from childrens belief. Continue reading

Original Monster

One of my favorite portrayals of a character would have to be Klaus from the originals since he embodies the lack of humanity that most men these days do. The ever long fight against his family and enemies has turned him into one self-involved individual that relishes at the premise of all people bowing before him. For more than a thousand years; Klaus had been attempting to destroy a curse laid on him. He invented the tale of the sun and moon scourge to obtain the moonstone and the Petrova Doppelgänger, both of which remained needed to separate the actual parts of the curse. His goal meant to release his werewolf side so he could sire his super personal kinds of werewolf-vampire hybrids. In 1492, he ultimately got the opportunity to break his curse while he met Katerina Petrova, the final section necessary to break the curse. However, Katerina succeeded to thwart his plot to use her in the sacrifice by changing into a vampire. For the following 500 years, Klaus hunted for a way to break the curse outwardly the doppelgänger, forcing periods of warlocks to help him. During his search for a way to eradicate the curse, Klaus tracked down his family and neutralized them. He also followed Katerina, who had deserted him and stolen his moonstone. However, it should also be remarked that he was also on the run from his step-father, Mikael, as Klaus had an opprobrious childhood. Besides his siblings, during the 1920’s, Klaus formed a strong bond and personal relationship with Stefan. He later met with the vampire, Caroline Forbes, and begins to fret about her finally falling in love with her and attempted to gain her love, after a lengthy time they were buddies. Using different vehicles to haul his loads across contentines we nevet see him in a car so breaking down isn’t a thing for him so a company like this wouldn’t be needed Continue reading



Orphaned at a young age, he was fostered by his uncle Robertus until the age of 16, and next to his aunt, Lady Murasaki. Hannibal got a keen interest in Graham, whom he thought to be similar minded. Despite his violent nature, he seems to have a particular understanding of others on some events. During his first case beside Graham, he helped Graham in saving Abigail, Garret Jacob Hobbs’ girl. However, the degree to which Lecter will empathize and from genuine emotional connections is unknown. Being a socio-path, it is plausible and even probable that his show of sympathetic recognition for Will Graham, also Abigail Hobbs is only for show. Or it could be just a Monica themed initiating He despises banality and has an intense love of fine arts, food, history, and music. He is described as a man of refinement and details, and a nearly-obsessive perfectionist. This is even more evident in all the tasks he completes when dispatching somebody. He takes a moment dislike to “rude” people, such as Fredricka Lounds. Hannibal is very careful about what he eats, most of his meals are self-prepared. He insisted once that he does not believe in cruelty to creatures and only buying meat from ethical butchers, though this may have just been an obscure joke about his real appetite. While talking with Abel Gideon, Hannibal addressed that he did not contemplate himself a ‘cannibal’ as that indicated eating one’s equals, showing his usual criteria of only eating those he deems inferior in some regard while leaving those he admires relatively alone. He has an excellent sense of smell, visible in how he often identifies Will by his aftershave before he even enters the room. He claims because when he was younger, he was cognizant of his teacher’s stomach cancer, even before he was.

Demon Barber


Some people don;t understand the honor in revenge since they only the see crimes recently committed, instead of the rightful retribution. I see the destroying of those who face you whole not a crime but a typical reaction since its just survival of the fitness. Society is trying to make the right of true victory into a crime theta can be judged by others even though it is based on peoples views so, there isn’t much of a real standard. The demon barber is a tale in the penny dreadful is a good example of dispatching urchin scum who ruin the lives of you and your children. In the original story of the tale; Todd is a barber who dispatches his offerings by pulling the lever as they sit in his hairdresser chair. Continue reading